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Events Stand


We take on the heavy lifting for your event to ensure the outcome that you have in mind. From running the production to managing the software and media assets - we aim to make your remote or onsite event memorable.


Strategic Mindset & Flexible Services

Our Event Solutions. 

Livestream Event Production

Avoid dull meetings. We deliver broadcast quality streams using the right combination of graphics to communicate quality and credibility to your audience.

Pre-Recorded Content

We provide the right expertise to record your speakers on location or remotely using a high quality 4k virtual studio. The final edit isn't done until you sign off on it.

Speaker Management

Guests panelists and professional speakers face a variety of challenges. We coach them to enhance their communication and impact.

Live Captioning

Do not exclude hearing-impaired participants from your event. Add captions to demonstrate your commitment to accessibility.


We monitor industry trends for innovation and best practices. We save you time and money by providing for the most effective strategy.

Script / Run-of-Show

Your event needs a blueprint that is understood by everyone. We support you in writing the roadmap, script, and sequence for an outstanding event!


The best way to connect with your global audience is by sharing your content in their mother tongue. We can translate your videos into almost every language.

Audience Engagement

For your event to be memorable, you need to engage your audience by triggering the right senses and emotions. We come up with ideas to engage your audience.

Rush Jobs

If you feel stressed and you are running out of time, reach out. We thrive on rush jobs and can support you where you need us most.


Start With An Audience - Grow A Community

You can lose your audience in minutes if you don’t make them feel part of a community. We understand the fundamentals of event success: high-quality production, relevant content, and audience engagement. By building exactly that, we make your attendees feel part of a shared experience. We understand how to harness the power of your community.


No Fine Print - White-Glove All The Way

Join the companies supported by our event expertise and peerless customer support.

Sample Of Digital Events Produced

CMX Summit 2021
Chat with Seth Godin

CMX Summit 2021
Panel Discussion with MS Team

CMX Summit 2021
Jae Washington Presentation

Back to the Future of Events
Fireside Chat with Bob Gale

Back to the Future of Events
The Great Debate

Back to the Future of Events
Startup Grind

Fireside Chat with Billie Jean King and Tory Burch

The Future of Events - Panel Discussion

TIPNW Virtual Fund Raiser

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